Queue Management

Queue Management 

Queue Management Solutions are the core of customer journey concepts that take the customer service experience to the next level by organizing a virtual queue environment that enables services in an organized structure for a single branch or across the entire customer service experience network. Queue Management Software Solutions provides a simple and easy web-based navigation tool for on-the-fly configuration and usage. It provides a similar zero configuration and setup customized for your business with just a few clicks.


  • Single Branch and Multi Branch Solutions 
  • Centralized Management and Configuration 
  • Third Party Integration 
  • Adaptable to Complex Environment 
  • Customer Identification 
  • Centralized Status Monitoring & Alerts 
  • Multiple delivery Chanel (SMS & Mobile App) 


  • Direct customers more accurately 
  • Control of customer flow 
  • Match customer needs against the right service 
  • Reduced waiting time 
  • Positive customer experience 

Self Service Kiosk 

The next generation high quality capacitive multi touch queuing ticket dispenser with a modular look and feel combined with a multimedia support bringing customer flow and experience a big delight.


Counter Display 

Counter Display is an add-on component beneficial for managing customer flow with improved signage showing ticket number and counter number along with digital media. 

Digital Signage 

Digital Signage Software Solutions is a major communication channel for your waiting customers. It keeps them informed with displays, media players, and voice solutions. Every wait time is an opportunity to reach out to your customers and make better utilization for business.


Digital signage solution helps you convert wait time into quality time by providing a better experience that is pleasant and joyful.



  • Customised Design Template 
  • Videos and Images 
  • Content Management 
  • Voice Announcement of Tickets 
  • Content Scheduling 
  • Adapt Brand Guidelines 


  • Reduced actual and perceived waiting time 
  • Opportunity for corporate advertising revenue 
  • Pleasant and informed waiting experience 
  • Assist/encourage customers attitudes through information 

Touch less Queuing 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses has to adapt the precautions as per new COVID norms and thus social distancing is a new normal along with hand hygiene. 

Mobile Solution & Appointment 

Mobility has changed the way customer experience works, and Mobile App is a trendy modular channel that allows customers to choose Appointment Booking And Scheduling services on the go in a convenient way.


This module offers the ability to check the nearest branch by maps or name, routes, and perceived wait time, book a service for a date and time by enabling service to anyone and anytime, which brings the customer closer to your business. Queberry provides a Touchless experience with an Appointment Booking and Scheduling App that eliminates the pain of waiting and provides a seamless customer experience.



  • On the go appointment booking 
  • Schedule a meeting 
  • Brings mobility- Near Me & Google Direction 
  • Virtual Visit 
  • Virtual ticket in the branch 
  • White Labelled and Customised 


  • Reduced waiting time 
  • Joining queue from mobile 
  • Easy for customers to book a visit 
  • Control of customer flow 
  • E-Mail/SMS notification 

Customer Feedback Solution 

In the new era of customer engagement, customers are won and lost in real time, and they all have different Moments of Truth. Queberry Customer Feedback Software Solution Offering your customers the choice of how and when to share their feedback response gives businesses more opportunities to reach your customers.


FeedInn is a multi-channel customer feedback solution which allows customer to give immediate simple feedback or a multi-layer feedback on how they experience the service and whole customer journey



  • Multiple Channel 
  • SMS survey 
  • Integration Ready 
  • Multiple Questioner Format 
  • On the service counter 
  • White Labelled and Customized


  • Understand Your Customer 
  • Customer loyalty 
  • Immediate decision based on Feedback 
  • Know customer perception 
  • Staff performance monitoring