Netiq PlateSpin Forge

PlateSpin Forge® is an all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance designed for IT professionals responsible for backup and IT disaster recovery. It protects both physical and virtual servers—and it delivers mirroring-like RTO and RPO performance at a price point that approaches that of tape.


Recover Servers in Minutes, Not Hours

An affordable disaster recovery appliance that can protect 40+ physical and virtual servers.

  • Physical and virtual servers. Protect operating systems, middleware, and data.
  • Embedded virtualization. Run servers virtually until the production environment is restored.
  • Affordable recovery. Achieve mirror-like performance at tape-backup prices.
  • Easy testing. Validate the recovery plan with a one-click failover test.


High-performance, low-risk protection

Under-an-hour RPOs and RTOs – PlateSpin Forge® protects servers with frequent user-configurable incremental replications, allowing recovery point objectives (RPO) as low as 30 minutes, and recovery time objectives (RTO) as low as an hour or less. By replicating production servers to warm-standby virtual machines, PlateSpin Forge delivers mirror-like performance at tape-backup prices.
Failover preparation – In the event of a possible production failure, you can power up the recovery server in a fenced-off network while the failure is confirmed. You can then go live with the server and rapidly “drop the fence” to bring the recovery server online to failover for the production system. You can also shut down the recovery server if the failure is a false alarm.

Efficient server protection over the WAN -For enterprises with off-site disaster recovery needs, PlateSpin Forge provides fast, efficient transfers over wide area networks, even ones with high latency.

Easy test failover – One-click test failover allows you to rapidly test the integrity of server replication. With a mouse click, you can take a virtual snapshot of the recovery server, power it on within a private internal network, and quickly validate the recovery plan
Multiple recovery points – PlateSpin Forge supports multiple recovery points, allowing you to revert back to the last known good state of a protected server. This eliminates the risk of recovering a corrupted server. You can customize the number of recovery points to achieve an optimal balance between storage allocation and protection requirements.

Economical disaster recovery

Whole-server replication – PlateSpin Forge enables you to protect servers (data, applications, and operating systems) within a single bootable recovery environment. Whole-server protection allows you to avoid the hassles of manual system rebuilding, system, and data restore.
Rapid, one-click failover – In the event of a disaster, recovery time is just a matter of powering on the virtual standby server in PlateSpin Forge. Upon receiving a failure alert by email or mobile device or within the web-based user interface, you can rapidly recover servers with a single mouse click.
Failback flexibility – Leveraging the multi-platform server portability technology also found in PlateSpin® Migrate, PlateSpin Forge provides flexible restore options. Server failback can be rapidly executed to any physical or virtual host regardless of manufacturer, make, or model.

SAN integration – PlateSpin Forge integrates with existing storage to accommodate current and future recovery requirements. You can benefit from the unique server protection capabilities in PlateSpin Forge while taking advantage of existing storage. Dashboard and management capabilities allow you to protect a greater share of servers across the SAN. PlateSpin Forge supports both iSCSI and fiber channel SANs.
“Plug in and protect” servers – PlateSpin Forge provides complete protection for up to 40 or more physical or virtual servers straight out of the box. All necessary hardware, storage, disaster recovery software, and virtualization technology are prepackaged, pre-configured, and ready to go, reducing the time and effort required to deploy a disaster recovery solution.

Easy management

Events, tasks, and actionable alerts – PlateSpin Forge creates, distributes, and logs events to facilitate better management of the disaster recovery plan. You can be notified of events through email so you don’t have to actively monitor systems to stay on top of the disaster recovery plan.
Server protection metrics – Through purpose-built reporting, you can quickly access all the pertinent metrics needed to report on the health of your recovery and protection plans.
Centralized management console – PlateSpin Forge provides “single-pane-of-glass” visibility across multiple PlateSpin Forge appliances, allowing you to cost-effectively scale your recovery environment to match current and future needs simply by plugging in additional appliances.

Server protection metrics -Through purpose-built reporting, you can quickly access all the pertinent metrics needed to report on the health of your recovery and protection plans
Simple web-based management – A simple web-based interface lets you manage, monitor, and report on all aspects of server protection and recovery.

Technical information

Supported operating systems

• Microsoft Windows Server.
• Microsoft Windows desktop
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux
• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
• Open Enterprise Server
• Oracle Enterprise Linux
• CentOS

Hardware specifications, PlateSpin Forge 700 Series

•Processors: 2 x 10-core (20-thread) Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 @ 3.1 Ghz (turbo
• Memory (RAM): 128 GB (16 GB x 8) User-expendable to 768 GBMicrosoft Windows desktop
• Storage reserved for system software: 500GB
• Storage available for backups: Over 20 TB
• Gigabit Ethernet Cards: 6
• Dual-channel Fibre Channel card (4 Gbps, 300 iops): Optional
• RAID controller: Yes, RAID 6
• Remote Access Card (DRAC): Yes
• DVD-ROM drive: Yes

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